Please read through these tips to help you be best prepared for your beach session! 




Please bring a couple towels and a hair tie or hair clip (for a second option if your hair is down and it’s windy). You will most likely get a little wet and sandy so a towel to clean up with afterward definitely helps! And if you would like, bring an extra change of clothes for kids for after the session, something comfy to wear for the little ones makes things much easier if they get wet, especially if you have any plans after the shoot. 



Bring bribes for small children, gummies, a toy, etc. Anything that will help put a smile on their face if they get grouchy. Also, wet wipes, to remove snot or clean a dirty face. Please, no matter how much they’re not cooperating, try not to get angry or upset with your child, this usually only makes things worse. I will do my very best and pull out all the tricks to make them smile! And I have three kids 5 and under, so you can trust me! 



As for clothes, stay away from dark, neon or bright colored tops, they tend to reflect the color back on your skin. Instead try soft colors such as pastels, mints, baby blues, and whites. And yes, white and khaki is very popular on the beach but you don't want to be like everyone else...Add some color, it will bring out the gorgeous sunset! And PLEASE wear sunscreen during your vacation or the days prior to your session if you plan to be outside a lot, sunburns are not only bad for you but don't photograph very well.



And finally, HAVE FUN, BE NATURAL, and just ENJOY the moment.